For many people, when they think of Michigan, they think of our abundance of lighthouses. From South Haven to Grand Haven, from Lake St. Clair to Petoskey, no matter where you go, you can find a lighthouse near you. 

When creating this company, we wanted to properly symbolize not only the state of Michigan,  but the midwest as a whole. Finding a logo that suits such a broad market can be difficult, especially with the issues of copyright, and so many other great designs already being taken.  We spent countless hours researching what people were interested in, what would look good on shirts, and what we thought felt right to express our views of what we wanted this company to portray. After many many months of careful consideration and research, we knew that the lighthouse fit us. The natural beauty of a lighthouse, as well as the forceful attraction to others let us know that it was the perfect fit.

As you will read on other parts of our site, we grew up on the water, in the lake, at the campgrounds, and all the incredible places in between. When I think back to some of the first summer's I was able to really enjoy with friends (the summers  after we turned 16 and were able to drive to beaches), my mind comes to Grand Haven. There was nothing better than loading the car up on a Saturday morning, and heading out for a day of jumping in the waves, hanging out on the pier, and the inevitable sunburn.

For those of you who know the infamous Grand Haven, it is especially well-known for it's lighthouse at the end of the pier, which our logo is actually based off of. It's a quaint little town with dozens of boutiques, little restaurants, and ice cream shops; the epitome of a West-Michigan tourist town. I have always been grateful for little towns like these that provide the fun and excitement many Michiganders, as well as myself, have come to know and love. 

Grand Haven lighthouse